July itBit Bitcoin Macro View: The Greek Crisis and Bitcoin

itBit-Bitcoin-Macro-View--July-2015The increasingly bleak economic news out of Greece has impacted the bitcoin markets, serving as a key price driver since early-June. Our July Bitcoin Macro View report examines how Greece arrived at the brink of economic collapse and the impact the ongoing crisis has had on bitcoin. 


Inside the July itBit Bitcoin Macro View 

  • Background on Greece’s economic decline: Timeline of events that have lead Greece to this point along with commentary on the impact of austerity measures.

  • Detailed examination of how the Greek crisis has impacted the bitcoin market: Analysis of the key market-moving events driving bitcoin price throughout the crisis in Greece. 

  • Key takeaways for bitcoin traders: Critical trends that have emerged from the Greek crisis that will affect the price of bitcoin going forward. 


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